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Teaching Spiritual Formation in the Congregation

Certificate in Spiritual Formation

Lifelong Learning


Date: 3/30/2014 - 4/4/2014

Interest in spiritual formation is usually related to our individual lives. We search for ways to grow closer to God through a variety of spiritual practices and may seek out others committed to the spiritual journey. But we often are unable to take the next step which is to create a community dedicated to spiritual formation. This course will explore many practical ways for building such a community by teaching spiritual formation in our congregations.

We will begin by discussing what we mean by spiritual formation and envision what it might look like in a congregation. Then we will experience practices that guide our own spiritual formation, and find ways to share these disciplines with others. We will look closely and compassionately at our own churches to discern their needs for spiritual growth. Finally, we will discuss specific methods for introducing spiritual formation and eliciting commitments from our congregations

The course will be experiential including prayer, small groups, individual reflection, and silence as well as presentations and discussion. You will begin your own teaching plan and have the opportunity to share your ideas with other participants so as to learn from one another.

Instructor: Jane Vennard                    Location: Columbia Theological Seminary

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