Educating imaginative, resilient leaders for God's changing world.


Our world-class faculty of women and men inspire academic excellence, demonstrate pastoral concern, and possess a wide range of ecclesiastical experience. While called by God to ministries of teaching, they are more than scholars in the way they passionately develop their students’ skills for the practice of ministry in a variety of settings. The faculty embodies a missiological spirit to serve the Church and the Church’s work. For this reason the faculty continues to do theological education with lay persons and with clergy at advanced levels.

Like their students, Columbia professors don’t all think alike. Yet they listen to and learn from each other, modeling a type of dialogue that the church so desperately needs today. They are united in their belief in vital relevant congregational life for the body of Christ. Students are well served by professors of evangelism, ministry, and preaching who are grounded in historical theology, systematic theology, and ethics, because the concerns in those areas of practice are theological and ethical, not merely technical in nature.

For specific contact information, please see the faculty and staff directories.



Dedicated staff members shape the context for Columbia’s extraordinary teaching and learning environment. They identify prospective students whose gifts and skills for Christian leadership can thrive in Columbia’s programs. They build partnerships with individuals and congregations to fund student scholarships and to ensure that Columbia has adequate resources for today and tomorrow.

God works through Columbia’s staff to support its daily mission. Columbia’s staff members administer financial aid, provide comfortable housing and nourishing meals, maintain facilities, and offer lifelong learning opportunities. They manage academic records, computer systems, and a sophisticated, user-friendly library. They assist new graduates with placement and help alumni/ae stay connected to Columbia and to each other.

For specific contact information, please see the faculty and staff directories.

Pulpit Supply

Columbia's faculty and staff are engaged in the life of the church beyond the seminary campus. They are active in their own congregations, and many of them are available for preaching and lectures in your own church.

If you would like to invite a member of our faculty or staff to your church, please consult the faculty and staff directories for that individual's contact information.

If you are interested in a particular subject and need help in selecting a faculty or staff member, please contact Randy Calvo, Jr., director of alumni/ae and church relations, by email at or by phone at 404-687-4593.