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"Faith and Facebook" on @ This Point


A new edition of @ this point was released today. The journal is offered online for "theological investigations in church and culture". The unique journal is a ministry to adult church members who are hungry for thoughtful and provocative resources to stimulate their growth in Christ. The journal may be found at

"The church cannot help but be shaped by this new e-world. Yet how it is shaped, to what degree it is shaped, and what it will affirm and reject during that shaping are vital questions for its life," said editor Mark Douglas, professor of Christian ethics.

Each edition of @ this point brings together four thoughtful and compelling thinkers writing in response to specific questions. The subject this round is about the impact of social media. The lead essayist is Wes Avram, the Senior Pastor at Pinnacle Presbyterian Church in Scottsdale, AZ. The respondents David Forney (Senior Pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Charlottesville, VA, and former Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at CTS), Stacey Simpson Duke (co-pastor of First Baptist Church of Ann Arbor, MI, and current D.Min. student at CTS), and Raj Nadella (Assistant Professor of New Testament at CTS) engage Wes ably and subtly.

All editions also come with discussion materials. This edition's curricula was developed by Katie Owen (Campus Minister at Duke University Presbyterian Campus Ministry and CTS alum) to provide both clarity and usefulness for small group study settings.

Mark Douglas, Editor

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